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How do you shower?

As we travel, we have several options for showering and staying clean!

1. Planet Fitness Gym Membership (approx. $20/month for black card which allows access to gyms across the country)​
2. We also have a portable Nemo Camping Shower (3 Gal) to use when camping in rural areas. ​3. We also have a sink in the van, and can do simple washes if needed. (No gym, bad weather outside, etc.)app settings and press "Manage Questions" button.

Isn't traveling full-time expensive?

Traveling full-time can be expensive, or it can be budget friendly. When we were traveling in our minivan, our expenses were very low, and we found it easy (and fun) to stop and find work in different places (Florida, Pennsylvania, Maine). In our new Cargo Van Camper, we have online jobs we are doing. We have internet in the van now, but also still stop at wifi places like libraries and coffee shops every now and then.

How do you two not kill each being together 24/7?

Luckily, we were best friends before we got married and started travelling, and I think that has helped us a lot.
That's not to say we don't actively work on our relationship while we are traveling though! We find it helpful to still "date" each other, and of course communicate as much as possible.
We also aren't exactly next to each other 24/7. Sometimes we are apart for work, at the gym, around a town, etc.

What van is best for van life?

We only have experience with the following, but can provide our pros/cons/thoughts for each:

1. 2004 Honda Odyssey (bought used with 110k miles, ended with approx 210k miles)
Overall, we were very happy with the longevity of this vehicle. We had to replace minor things, tires, battery, CV joints, etc. But never had any issues with the transmission or engine.

Pros: Great gas mileage You are "stealthy" while living out if it and can blend in easy Easy to drive Easy to pull into any campsite, parking lot, building, etc. Cheaper parts and labor - common vehicle Simplicity Cons: Small space (especially for 2 people) - most likely not much of a bathroom Basically little to no off-roading 2. 2017 Ram Promaster 2500 (bought with 127k miles) We recently bought this used already converted campervan, and have made a lot of changes inside. It is what we are currently traveling in. Pros: Lots of space! Not bad to drive - I got used to it fast With good tires, can off-road Cons: Have to be careful about where you fit (parking garages, campgrounds, etc) We've found that "under the hood" work can be tricky due to parts being uncommon, or just hard to get to Average Gas mileage Not as simple - most likely with more space you'll want power of some sort, solar, heater/cooler, bathroom, etc.

How do you go to the bathroom?

Before our cargo van camper, we relied on public bathrooms 100%. When parking for the night, we'd try our best to have access to a 24 hr bathroom. This obviously wasn't the most fun thing, but we made it work. It was sometimes a pain waking up in the middle of the night, in a rainstorm, needing to "go".

Now, in our cargo van camper, we have a Thetford Porta Potti Curve, we highly recommend it!

How do you eat?

We have a portable fridge in the van (more info on brand/model coming soon) and keep a small amount of refridgerated items inside, as well as a pantry in some drawers and cupboards. We try to only go out to eat once a week.

What's the best way to get started into van life?

Just start! If you're like us, you'll want to test how you like it first. We'd highly recommend starting small with a minivan, or any smaller vehicle, before making a big investment and not even being sure if you'll like it.

Once you have your test vehicle, start getting used to sleeping in it and testing things out! Read blogs, watch youtube videos, and then just jump in and make it the way you want! You don't have to make it look like all the tediously-put-together Instagram photos you see of van life.

How long have we been doing this?

We traveled around the U.S, (and parts of Canada, Mexico, Philippines) for about 4 years. We then took a break of almost 1.5 years to live near family. We recently got back out on the road with our cargo van camper (Evangeline) in September 2020.

Where is your favorite place you've been in the U.S.?

Jerika: Mine would have to be Bar Harbor, Maine! So beautiful, with so much to do.

Caden: I REALLY enjoyed Niagara Falls. Like, a lot.

How is Caden so handsome?

Many have wondered this. Don't try and figure it out, it'll hurt your head. Just enjoy...